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miseichan [userpic]

Out from my Chaos to grace ★よろしくね~

June 9th, 2012 (08:32 pm)

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Hi!~ I am sorry but my journal has become friends only. I am a very friendly person however~and I do love meeting and talking to new people. So~if you read over my info and find me interesting or think we have something in common, or you know me from somewhere else or you know any of my friends~just leave a comment and tell me who you are and why I should add you and I probably will!

My journal is filled with rambling about my personal life, picus, funny random stuff, etc....

If you are only here for the fiction, please don't  add me here, because I don't post any fics in my personal journal. Please visit my fan fiction journal and feel free to add me there. miseiru's fan fiction archive

If you are interested in me as a person though, please feel free to add me^^ I will probably add you back :)

miseichan [userpic]


January 6th, 2008 (01:43 pm)

Mood: calm
Song: Time Has Come ~ LUNA SEA

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January 6th is here.

I think I gave plenty of time for people to respond if they wanted to stay in my flist.
I am not trying to be mean, but if you were cut it is because:

1. You have NEVER commented to me (Do you exist?)
2. You haven't commented for months (You must not like me anymore?)
3. You didn't respond to the last ditch-effort I made to keep you here. (Do you even care?)

If you want to get BACK on my flist due to some horrendous mistake you have discovered you made, by not commenting and you miss me^^ comment below and I will consider it.

If I have made an error, please just let me know, and I will fix it^^

Please, if you are only interested in my fictions, feel free to add me there and I WILL add you back. This journal is only private/personal things.

It was nice knowing you all for a little while ... ? (Did I ever know you?)


miseichan [userpic]


December 27th, 2007 (08:50 pm)

Mood: determined
Song: Time Has Come ~ LUNA SEA

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Ok guys... This is a really hard thing for me to do... I pride myself on standing by my friends and even being loyal to people that no longer even think about me.

But.. The time has come to put those feelings aside and clean out my flist. I noticed that it has gotten way to crowded with entries of people that do not speak to me, or have never commented to me, or have stopped commenting to me. There are dead journals in there too. It has gotten so clogged that I miss entries of people that mean a great deal to me and that hurts my heart.

I understand busy. I know what it is like to be be stressed and tired and I have been failing also to keep up as much as I would like, with my flist. But i DO try to drop at least a small comment to most people once in a while. Forgive me also if I fail.

I do not want to cut anyone, so... just drop me a small comment if you want me to keep you on my flist, okay?

I do NOT expect you to comment me all the time. I do expect one once in awhile though. After all, if you have no interest in me, or in reading me, then why bother being my friend? I have started putting a lot of giveaways and personal shit in here, and I do like to know who has access to it. If we do not interact, then I don't even know if I can trust you.

I grant immunity to all those who rallied around me at my super emo post and anyone who has been commenting me in the last several months. You all know who you are. You do not have to comment here unless you want to^^

I will leave this post up until January 6th before I cut anyone. I understand we are all busy now with holidays and such. I am also busy.

*hugs* and I am sorry, but the choice is yours now^^

miseichan [userpic]

A Smile in the Morning [oneshot/Kai x Aoi]

December 4th, 2007 (03:18 am)

Mood: amused

Title: A Smile in the Morning.
Chapters: oneshot
Author: miseichan
Genre: humor, graphic sex.
Warnings: man sex.
Rating: NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Kai x Aoi
Band: Gazette
Synopsis: Aoi is grouchy in the mornings and hard to rouse, so Kai comes up with a strategy to put a little smile on Aoi's face^^
Comments: I have the same problem as Aoi!!! LOL.. This story grew out of an idea that came from a convo between me and arlequin. She wondered what it would take to put a smile on Aoi's face in the morning as he is well known for being a morning grouch^^. Specifically she wondered what Kai would have to do!! :D So this story is for her.

Umm... I know I promised never to post my fan fics in my personal journal, but I just don't feel like posting this 4 times... So consider it here as a temporary holding place until I create another home for my stories... If you do not like yaoi...please pass it by... :)

xposted everywhere...spamming your flist...sorry...

He had racked his brain to find a way to change Aoi’s pattern of behavior in the mornings so that they could both have an enjoyable start. Aoi was such a loving and lovely man, but mornings were hell for Kai!Collapse )

miseichan [userpic]

Truth hurts...maybe.

September 22nd, 2007 (09:53 pm)

Mood: nervous

This was stolen from golden_kimono and soushi_sousai

Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts.

Okay. I have unlocked this so anybody can comment.
Yes...the IP thingy is turned on, but *sweats* I don't know how to use it anyway, so don't worry about it. It means nothing to me.
So...I figure it's a good time for an eye-opener, a reality check. Feel free to say what you want...I have a big box of tissues handy...


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